Our Mission 

God’s extended hands main goal is to reach those in need and to restore hope and love to our community. Many are impoverished or have shortages of funds that help maintain their total well-being and security. However, there are those who have monthly and weekly shortages of food, detergent and personal goods that enable a family to be self-sufficient. Those who lack the funding to appropriately buy enough food to support the needs of their families are experiencing food insecurities. Those who do not have food or the means to buy, cook or store food are in poverty and cannot be viewed as one that is experiencing food insecurities, both are not the same.  While, many do have food supplement vouchers to ensure a healthy meal. There are those who are employed and living within a fixed income who must decide if they are going to buy food or pay rent. These people are those who have fallen between the cracks when it comes to getting state aide to secure their basic needs. God’s Extended Hands is there to help everyday people with everyday needs.